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The following information might be helpful in planning your special event:

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs The Elegant Touch Chocolate Fountains can serve an unlimited number of guests by adding more chocolate throughout the event, but our initial package includes chocolate for up to 200 guests. Additional guests can be added at .50 per person, over 200 guests. Call for special pricing on large events.

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs Our Chocolate Fountain is a stainless steel fountain. There is a 35" fountain and/or a 44" fountain available. The total weight is approximately 100 lbs. when full, so a sturdy table is a must!

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs We will arrive at your event approximately 1 hour prior to the starting time listed on your contract. We take care of setting up the fountain; the chocolate will be melted and flowing as your guests arrive so they'll enjoy the exquisite aroma as they enter. We normally run the fountain from the start of your cocktail hour for 2 hours . (additional time available 25.00 per ½ hour). Other arrangements can be made if you prefer it after dinner. We'll take care of all the details of cleanup and taking down the fountain after your event.

Our operator will be on duty to to run the machine, to prevent any possibility of damage or misuse.

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs You can use the Elegant Touch Chocolate Fountain as long as you like, but our package includes use of the fountain for 2 hours. This is usually plenty of time for most occasions where it is being used for the appetizer portion of your event. The set up and tear down is on our own time and is not deducted from your 2 hours . The fountain will be running and available for your guests for 2 full hours.

For occasions where a longer time and/or higher quantity is needed, such as trade shows or other events, additional charges will apply. Ask about our special rates for all day events.

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs No special table or electrical requirements are required, except for a level tabletop in order for the chocolate to flow properly. An extra tablecloth is a good idea, since sometimes the chocolate will spill. We'll need a 110-volt, 3 prong electrical outlet fairly close by for plugging in the unit - preferably within 10 feet.

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs The Chocolate Fountain will be the center of attention on your table. It can be surrounded with strawberries, pineapple, apple slices, marshmallows, and other fruits - anything edible that goes with chocolate! Stay away from any item that will fall off the skewers, or fragment and possibly drop into the fountain, and clog it.

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs Decorating your table is limited only to your imagination! The Elegant Chocolate Fountain is, of course, an elegant decoration with its cascading chocolate.and wonderful aroma, with possibilities like fruit, flowers surrounding it. (See our photos page for some examples). We suggest a colored satin or pretty fabric to scrunch on the table; it accents your food trays beautifully. We'll be happy to offer other suggestions along the way.

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs The Elegant Touch Chocolate Fountain must be set up indoors. (You don't want flying creatures in your chocolate, do you? They love chocolate, too.) Where the fountain is placed is very important, too, so it won't be affected by air movement, like heaters or air conditioning. The fountain is a tempering heating unit, as as long as it's not in a draft, it will maintain its temperature so the chocolate will not harden.

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs Having an outdoor wedding? Thought you couldn't use a chocolate fountain outside? Now you can !! We now offer a plexi surround so that you can enjoy a chocolate fountain in any weather in any location with out worry. Only $ 75.00 to add the wind guard.

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs We can supply the dipping items for an additional fee, or you can have your caterer provide them.. If you decide to do it yourself, please keep I mind that the way you present your dipping items makes a big difference in the presentation.

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs To reserve the Elegant Touch Chocolate Fountain for your event, you will need to sign a contract and a make a $200.00 deposit. The balance will be due at least 14 days prior to the scheduled event. Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Be sure to book your event early.

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs Our rate includes the Sequim - Port Angeles area, but we will travel outside this area. Travel fees may apply.

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs You will need to provide the following for your Elegant Touch Chocolate Fountain event: Table · Plates · Napkins · Skewers (500 provided)· Dipping items· One hour pre-event access for setup. · Half hour post-event access for takedown. · Location with access to 3-prong 110v ac outlet

hearts for chocolate fountains FAQs How much should we tip our chocolate fountain attendant? Most people tip them around $25 - $40.00.

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